Vacations will accrue on an annual basis beginning on the employee’s start date.  After the first partial year, the annual year will be from January to December.  Employees eligible for vacation are those in the position of director, acting director and library assistant II.  Vacation accrues for the years you hold the above positions.  Vacations must be used in one calendar year. 

To determine vacation time available to use, compute Weekly Average hours from the Previous Year (WAPY), rounded to the nearest hour.  Then, use the chart below to determine the total hours available for the year.  Vacation time may be used only with prior approval of Director.  A minimum of 3 hours per day must be used.  Maximum hours used per day may not exceed the WAPY divided by 5.

Completed years of ServiceVacation AllowanceHours Available
1 year1 week1 x WAPY
2-7 years2 weeks2 x WAPY
8-15 years3 weeks3 x WAPY
16-20 years4 weeks4 x WAPY
21 or more4 weeks plus 1 day per year up to 5 weeks4+ x WAPY

Approved 1/17/2019