The employee eligible for sick leave is the Director. The employee will receive three sick days per year. Sick time may be used in full or half day increments. Sick days may accumulate up to 60 days.

To determine the sick time hours available to use per day, compute the Weekly Average hours from the Previous Year (WAPY). Divide the WAPY by five. If the employee has not been in the position enough time to determine the WAPY, use the amount budgeted for that position.

Unused sick leave days will not be paid to employees upon termination of employment, except in retirement. Upon retirement under WRS eligibility rules, the employee may convert accumulated sick leave, at current rate of compensation, to be used to pay for health insurance premium. In the event that health insurance is not a provided benefit, the retiree’s first day of retirement may be after accumulated sick time has been used.

Approved 2/20/2019