The Library has first priority in Meeting Room use.

  1. Community service groups and non-profit groups may use the meeting room at no charge. Others may use the room for a fee of $25.00 payable to the Markesan Public Library. Fee must be collected prior to room use.
  2. Prior to use, groups must fill out a Meeting Room Users’ Information Form and make arrangements regarding building lock up.
  3. All groups are expected to set up and replace the furniture to original arrangement.
  4. Leave the area clean. Any stains, spills, or damaging requiring attention are to be reported to library staff before leaving or the next business day. Clean up and repairs will be charged to the user.
  5. There is no smoking in the meeting room, building, and grounds at any time.
  6. If it seems inappropriate, the Library Director may defer room use permission to Markesan Public Library Board of Trustees (or to an executive board member if time is constrained). The Library reserves the right to refuse use of the room.
  7. The number of people using the meeting room may not exceed capacity as determined by code depending on the orientation and arrangement of the furniture: tables and chairs – 49 persons; chairs arranged in rows – 105 persons; no furniture and occupants standing – 147 persons.
  8. Any group may be charged appropriate additonal fees if Library Staff time is needed for room use.
  9. Use of the meeting room may be revoked if rules are broken.

Board Approved 7-21-2011