Although materials are carefully selected, there can arise differences of opinion regarding suitable materials.

If a patron of the Markesan Public Library requests that material which is a part of the permanent collection be withdrawn or restricted, the following procedure is to be followed.

The patron will be asked to complete the Recommendation of Reconsideration Form and submit it to a library staff member. The staff member will also give the complainant a copy of the Markesan Public Library Selection Policy. The staff member must immediately sign and date the form. The staff member must then save the original for the Director and give a photocopy of the form to the patron.

The Director of the Markesan Public Library will then review the material and contact one library board member to also review the material. The Director will then arrange an interview with the patron who filed the complaint as soon as possible. If the patron is not satisfied with the interview with the Director, he/she may request a public hearing with the Board of Trustees of the Markesan Public Library. Any decision made by the Board of Trustees following the interviews and/or hearing will be final.

Updated and approved: 12/15/2022