Article I


The name of this organization is the Markesan Public Library, located in Markesan, Wisconsin, existing by virtue of the provisions of Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and exercising the powers and authority and assuming the responsibilities delegated to it under said statute.

Article II


Section 1. Numbers and qualifications. The governing body of the library is composed of 7 members as appointed by the mayor of the City of Markesan and representing the City of Markesan Common Council, the school district, the City of Markesan, and the surrounding townships. Green Lake County may appoint up to 5 additional members.

Section 2. Term of Office. The term of office of trustees shall be three years. If a trustee is appointed to serve an unexpired term of office exceeding 18 months, it shall be considered a full term.

Section 3. Disqualifications, Vacancies. Any member who moves out of the political subdivisions he/she represents shall be responsible for notifying the secretary of the board of trustees. Upon receipt of such notification, the position shall be declared vacant. It shall be the duty of the president, or designee, to notify the appointing official of the vacancy, and, by direction of the board, suggest to the appointing official person or persons who may qualify to fill the position. When any trustee fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the board, without prior notification, the board shall appoint a trustee to contact the absent trustee. The board may then contact the appointing authority, requesting the disqualification of the trustee.



Section 1. The officers shall be president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, elected from among the appointed trustees at the annual meeting of the board. An officer may succeed him/herself. Vacancies in office shall be filled by vote at the next regular meeting of the board after the vacancy occurs.

Section 2. Nominations for officers will be made from the floor at the May meeting.

Section 3. Officers shall serve a term of one year from the annual meeting at which they are elected and/or until their successors are duly elected.

Section 4. The president shall preside at all meetings of the board, authorize calls for any special meetings, appoint all committees, execute all documents authorized by the board, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, and generally perform all duties associated with that office.

Section 5. The vice-president, in the event of the absence or disability of the president, or of a vacancy in that office, shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the president.

Section 6. The secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings of the board, shall issue required notices of all regular and special meetings, and shall perform such other duties as are generally associated with that office. The library director, a member of the staff, or an outside agency may be designated to perform any or all of the above duties.

Section 7. The treasurer shall be the disbursing officer of the board, sign all vouchers for disbursements from the library fund, and perform such duties as generally delegated to the office. The treasurer may be bonded in an amount as may be required by a resolution of the board. In the absence or inability of the treasurer, the duties shall be performed by such member of the board as the board may designate.

Section 8. All withdrawls on accounts held by the Library Board must be co-signed. The president, treasurer, and library director shall be authorized signers on Library held accounts. Two of those three shall be required to co-sign such withdrawals.



Section 1. Regular meetings shall be held each month, unless the schedule is modified by the Board.

Section 2. The election of officers shall be held at the time of the regular meeting in May of each year.

Section 3. The order of business for regular meetings shall include, but not be limited to, the following items:

call to order
roll call of members, citizens comments
adoption/amendment of agenda
approval of minutes
financial report/action on bills
library director’s report
committee reports
unfinished business
new business
next meeting/adjournment

Section 4. Special meetings may be called by the secretary, or designee, at the direction of the president, or at the request of two trustees, for the transaction of business as stated in the call for the meeting.

Section 5. A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting shall consist of four members of the board present in person. As allowed by Wisconsin State Statues we authorize the Markesan City Clerk or their designee to pay regular salaries, ordinary, and recurring payments if there is not a quorum present at any regular meeting.

Section 6. Parliamentary Authority. Robert’s Rules of Order, latest revised edition, shall govern the parliamentary procedure of the meetings.



Section 1. Finance Committee. At the May meeting, the President shall appoint a Finance Committee which shall supervise all Library finances, recommend payment of bills, and review trust documents as needed. Said committee shall consist of two trustees and meet as needed. The committee shall also work in cooperation with the Library Director to prepare an annual budget of expenditures.

Section 2. Ad Hoc Committees. Ad Hoc committees for the study of special problems will be appointed by the president, with the approval of the board, to serve until the final report of the work for which they were appointed has been filed. These committees may also include staff representatives.

Section 3. All committees shall make a progress report to the library board at each of its meetings.

Section 4. No committee will have other than advisory powers unless, by suitable action of the board, it is granted specific power to act.

Section 5. The library director shall serve as an ex-officio member on all standing and ad hoc committees (with the exception of personnel meetings dealing directly with that position).



Section 1. Determine the policies of the library and develop the highest possible degree of operating efficiency in the library.

Section 2. Select and appoint a competent library director.

Section 3. Advise in the preparation of the budget, approve it, and make sure that adequate funds are provided to finance the approved budget.

Section 4. Through the library director, supervise and maintain buildings and grounds, as well as regularly review various physical and building needs to see that they meet the requirements of the total library program.

Section 5. Study and support legislation that will bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of library users.

Section 6. Cooperate with other public officials and boards, and maintain vital public relations.



The library director shall be considered the executive officer of the board and shall have sole charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the board. The director shall be held responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment, for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public, and for the operation of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget. The director shall attend all board meetings but shall have no vote.



Section 1. An affirmative vote of the majority of all members of the board present at the time shall be necessary to approve any action before the board. The president may vote upon and may move or second a proposal before the board.

Section 2. Any rule or resolution of the board, whether contained in these bylaws or otherwise, may be suspended temporarily in connection with business at hand, but such suspension, to be valid may be taken only at a meeting at which five of the members of the board shall be present and four of those present shall so approve.

Section 3. These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the board by majority vote of all members of the board provided written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been mailed to all members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at which such action is proposed to be taken.

These bylaws will be in force upon adoption by the board of trustees of the Markesan Public Library on the 19th day of January 2017.

Approved 1/19/2017