Help Wanted - Library Director

Hiring Library DirectorThe Markesan Public Library Board of Trustees seeks a Library Director with a passion for community and life-long learning to administer all aspects of library service. If you love a flexible, friendly, supportive work environment where you will be surrounded by a talented and motivated staff and library board, then Markesan is for you. Ideal candidates will have exceptional public and community service skills; a strong background in technology; an interest in literacy, excellent organizational and supervisory skills, and fiscal management knowledge. The position is 30 hours per week. The qualified candidate must have at least 54 college semester credits, half in liberal arts and sciences, to obtain initial certification and commit to additional coursework as required. Transcript required at interview. Background check and pre-employment drug test required. Pay commensurate with experience and education with a wage range of $17.50- $23/hr.  Benefits include participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System, vacation, sick, and holiday time. Send cover letter, resume, application, and three references to Jill Worden, Board President, PO Box 160, Markesan, Wisconsin 53946 or email to: by February 22nd. Click here for the Job Application.

Full Job Description as follows:

Markesan Public Library

Library Director – Position Description

Approved Jan. 17, 2019

Title:   Library Director

Responsibilities of Position:

Administers the overall programs of library service offered to the community in accordance with the policies, goals and objectives of the Library Board.

Duties/Examples of Work:

Prepares Library Board agenda with the cooperation of the Library Board President and notifies Library Board of scheduled meetings.  Submits monthly reports to the Board. 
Develops the annual library budget proposal with the cooperation of the Library Finance Committee for review by the Library Board and participates in its presentation to municipal officials.  Expends funds within established procedure.  
Develops, submits, and implements the library policies and long-range goals and objectives to the Library Board for review, approval and update.
Works with the Library Board to implement board-approved capital improvement projects.
Plans, supervises, and conducts the work of the library, relating goals and objectives to community needs.
Recruits, selects, hires, trains, supervises, evaluates, and terminates library staff and/or volunteers.  Schedules library employees and/or volunteers and assigns routine duties.  Plans and conducts regular staff meetings.
Works with municipal, county, and state government officials to meet the needs of the library.
Serves as chief consultant to the Library Board regarding legal and technical matters and library choices.  Conducts ongoing evaluation of existing library programs, services, policies, and procedures, and submits recommendations for improvement to the Library Board.
Participates in fund raising in conjunction with the Library Board and Friends of the Library.
Participates in grant writing applications to improve library services.
Represents the library at the system level and as a member of professional library organizations.  Fosters cooperation with the local public schools and their library.
Acts as spokesperson for the library in the community and is active in local organizations.
Supervises building and ground maintenance and repairs.
Maintains library statistics and prepares the annual report

Plans, supervises, and conducts or delegates the following:

the operation of library services and programming
the providing of reader's advisory, reference, and other patron assistance services
the registration of patrons, data recording and issuing of patron cards
the cataloging and processing of materials for circulation
the entering of acquisition information into database
the preparation, repairing and reconditioning of materials
the library's ongoing collection development plan and supervises the selection, purchase, and withdrawal of library materials in accordance with that plan
the library's public relations plan, including development of promotional materials and projects, including maintenance of the library's home page, and social media. 
the implementation of circulation desk policies; performance of desk procedures and
the performance of interlibrary loan procedures.

 Maintain an atmosphere within the library that is friendly, yet conducive to study and reading.
 Maintains reasonable technological proficiency as it supports library services.
 Performs other duties as required by the Library Board.

Knowledge and Abilities:

Knowledge of library techniques, methods, and procedures as they apply to small public library administration.
Ability to work independently and make decisions following established policy
Knowledge of the community in which the library is located. Understanding of the unique nature of rural and/or small communities and their libraries.
Ability to organize, plan and direct the growth and development of the library.
Ability to establish a positive working relationship with the library trustees, staff and volunteers, the library system and member libraries, local service organizations, township, city, county and state officials and the general public.
Ability to gain a working understanding of current and developing technologies as they relate to public library operations and services.
Ability to use computer software and manage computerized files.
Ability to use library equipment, including but not exclusive to keyboarding, calculator, microfilm/microfiche reader/printer, fax machine, telephone, desk top computers, laptop computers, tablets, copy machines, printers, scanner, projectors, cassette players, videocassette players, cameras, and building systems such as security and heating/air conditioning.

Skill Requirements:

Analytical Skills: identify problems and opportunities; review possible alternative courses of action before selecting one; utilize information and resources available when making decisions.
Problem-Solving Skills: develop feasible, realistic solutions to problems; recommend actions designed to prevent problems from occurring; refer problems to supervisor when necessary.
Planning and Organization Skills: develop long-range plans to solve complex problems or take advantage of opportunities; establish systematic methods of accomplishing goals.
Communication Skills: effectively communicate ideas and information both in written and oral form.
Reading Ability: effectively read and understand information contained in memoranda, reports and bulletins, etc.
Creative Decision-Making: evaluate or make independent decisions based upon experience, knowledge or training, without supervision.
Ability to Comprehend and Follow Instructions: effectively follow instructions from Library Board, system office, and state departments.
Mathematical Ability: calculate basic arithmetic problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) without the aid of a calculator.
Time Management: set priorities in order to meet assignment deadlines.
Self-Motivation: accomplish tasks without supervision.

Physical Demands of the Position:

Sitting, standing, walking, climbing, and stooping.
Bending, twisting, and reaching.
Talking and hearing; use of the telephone.
Far vision at twenty feet or further; near vision at twenty inches or less.
Lifting and carrying: fifty pounds or less.
Handling:  processing, picking up and shelving books.
Fingering: typing, writing, filing, sorting, shelving, and processing.
Pushing and pulling objects weighing 60-80 pounds on wheels.
Mobility: travel to meetings outside the library.

Environmental Working Conditions

Inside work environment. Inspection of outside of buildings and grounds.
Flexible work hours; including evening and weekend hours.

Education and Experience

Maintain appropriate or minimum grade certification as required by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for municipal libraries based on population.
Certification includes minimum prerequisite of 54 semester credits, half of which shall be in the liberal arts and sciences.
Complete Library Education Requirements as required by Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction for initial certification: Basic Public Library Administration, Advanced Public Library Administration, Organization and Management of Collections, Public and Community Services.
Participates in and successfully completes continuing education credits as required for re-certification; 100 hours over each 5-year period following initial certification.