Join the 2022 Book Binge Challenge!

Take the Markesan Public Library 2022 Book Binge Challenge!! Each month, use a set of key words found on your Book Binge bingo card to inspire your book choices. With the key words provided, pick a book with that word in the title and read away. For instance, January’s key words are: Girl, Dark, Winter, Ocean, Light, Run. Examples of books with these key words include: “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “My Dark Vanessa”, “Winds of Winter”, ect. Players can also choose synonyms and plurals or even antonyms (if you are feeling rebellious) replace the word Sea for Ocean or Bright/Pale for Light or Runs/Ran/Sprinted/Race for Run, etc.

The library will have Book Binge cards ready to be picked up starting January (you can also find a downloadable pdf in this month's newsletter). We will also do displays throughout the year to keep you reading. You can also share your book binge picks with us on Facebook and join the online conversation!