E-Sports League on Thurs. March 11 & 25 from 4:00-4:30 pm

 E-Sports League: Among Us - Battle of the Libraries!

Thursday, March 11 & 25 from 4:00 - 4:30 pm

Join our crew for a few games of Among Us! This time we'll also be playing with Princeton and Brandon Public Libraries! Small prizes will be awarded, too!
Open to players ages 10 and up (younger can join with adult supervision).


Bring your own device or use one of ours (a limited number of these devices are available). You can also play from home using our Lobby Code. To get the Lobby Code, simply sign up for the event at the library or by calling us at (920) 398-3434 and let us know you will be playing from home. We will then call you the evening of the event with the code/codes.

We encourage interested gamers to sign up ahead of time to make sure they have a spot, especially if you need to use one of the library's devices. 

We have room for twenty participants. Good digital citizenship is expected to be followed during this event.


If you would like more information about Among Us, you can read it in the event description on our Facebook calendar.